Established in 2017 from the remnants of a Truck Series orignally run by Oceanic Sim Racing, ANZCAR has emerged as the pre-eminant stock car simracing series across Australia and New Zealand.

Preferring to grow organically via word of mouth than overt advertising and recruitment, our races were originally run for the NASCAR Truck only and were broadcast via RRTV, and boasted a small but enthusiastic core group of racers many of whom continue with ANZCAR to this day.

In this period the focus was very much on building not just a racing series but a community as antipodean iRacers typically did not venture away from circuit racing such as Supercars and GT racing. While all of these categories are still as strong as ever, it is now not uncommon to see local drivers also making time for some stock car racing, with this the ANZCAR league continued to grow.

This growth was driven entirely by what the Aus/NZ iRacing community was ready for, as their appetite for stock car racing grew, so ANZCAR began to add more series' to its roster, which now boasts not only the Truck Series, but the "Thunder" (Xfinity) Series and of course the full 36 round Cup Series, complete with end of season Chase format to decide the champion with every race broadcast live.

With this the local stock car simracing scene has continued to grow, with the increased interest leading to other leagues getting in on the action. This has resulted in a situation in which the Aus/NZ simracer can find organised stock car races any night of the week.

Looking to the future ANZCAR will continue its philosophy of evolution rather than revolution, evolving with both NASCAR and simracing. Our intention is to remain at the forefront of the sport locally while continuing to foster the its growth and standing within the Aus/NZ iRacing landscape.