ANZCAR Standing Regulations


ANZCAR – The governing body of the competition. For the purposes of stewarding any steward appointed for a single event or multiple events will be deemed to represent ANZCAR.

Event – A singular event comprising at least a race, but also to include practice or qualifying for the race. In the case of heat racing can include multiple races held in the same session.

Force Majeure – A circumstance which prevents effective facilitating of fair competition.

Series – A group of multiple races for which points are awarded, the cumulative total of which will decide a champion at its conclusion.

Team – A group of multiple drivers competing on behalf of the same organisation, can also include support personnel eg crew chiefs.

Vehicle – Any car, truck or other vehicle being used by a competitor for the purposes of the competition.

1. Drivers

(a) All ANZCAR league members are eligible to compete as drivers in ANZCAR sanctioned competition. Certain series may contain specific eligibility criteria a driver must fulfil in order to take part. No league member currently serving a suspension may enter as a driver in the series from which they are suspended.

2. Teams

(a) Each driver has the option to compete as a team, either as a single entry or multiple entries under the same team identity. Drivers are encouraged to ensure organisers are aware of their team affiliation for the purposes of broadcasting and publicity.

3. Licences

(a) ANZCAR reserves the right to place restrictions on competitor eligibility into one or all of its series'. This may be done via use of the iRacing licencing or iRating system, or via a licencing system of its own creation.

4. Presentation of vehicles

(a)Vehicles must be presented for competition in a manner consistent with these regulations. Vehicles will not be permitted to take to the track if they display;

i. Profanity

ii. Adult material

iii. Offensive material

iv. Political statements are discouraged and may only be displayed with express permission from ANZCAR.

(b) Teams comprising multiple competing vehicles are encouraged to run each vehicle in a visually distinct livery, contravention of this is not an offence.

(c) Team owners are taken to be responsible for the liveries displayed on any vehicles competing as part of their team.

(d) Vehicles must display their assigned number. Non-compliance is punishable by disqualification.

5. Driving Standards

(a) While ANZCAR encourages hard competition and accepts that contact between competing vehicles is part of the sport, the following actions will be deemed to be offences punishable under these regulations.

(b) Any driver who;

i. Deliberately causes another driver to crash or spin

ii. Deliberately causes a caution flag

iii. Deliberately allows their vehicle to be out of control

Will be awarded the following sanctions;

i. A one race suspension to be served at the subsequent race of the series in which the offence occurred (does not apply to 5(b)iii)

ii. A six month probation period to be applied across all ANZCAR series'

iii. Disqualification from the event in which the offence occurred

(c) Any driver who is deemed to be significantly at fault for an incident which causes the race to be placed under caution will be awarded a strike on their record. Accumulation of strikes within a single series will be penalised as per the following:

(d) Three strikes in a rolling ten race period will cause the offending driver to start from the rear of the grid in the subsequent race of the series. Three strikes within a single event will cause the offending driver to server a one race suspension to be served in the series race subsequent to the one in which the stikes were awarded

(e) Five strikes in a rolling ten race period will cause the offending driver to serve a one race suspension to be served in the series race subsequent to the one in which the fifth strike was awarded

(f) Race starts and restarts will be done at the discretion of the race leader once the pace car has departed the racing surface. Any driver who either;

i. Accelerates beyond pacing speed prior to the leader

ii. Allows their vehicle to lag behind the vehicle in their lane immediately prior to the start or restart

iii. Changes lanes prior to the start finish line

iv. Fails to maintain pacing speed or line once the pace car lights have been extinguished

Will be penalised five points for each infraction. In stand-alone races where no points are awarded, ANZCAR may elect to award another penalty of similar severity. Three such infractions within a single event will result in disqualification from that event.

(g) Upon the race being placed under caution drivers must catch up to the next car in the pacing line as quickly as possible. Drivers unable to do this due to damage must, at a minimum, maintain pace car speed. If a driver is not able to maintain pace car speed they must stop at the trackside and tow their vehicle. The penalty for non-compliance is 10 championship points.

(h) ANZCAR will apply all track specific rules that exist in real life NASCAR Cup racing. A driver breaching such a rule will have their finishing position altered to be the last car on the lead lap. Two such infractions within the same event will result in disqualification.

(i) In the event that further discussion of an incident is required postrace, ANZCAR may elect to summon the parties involved to the “Hauler” area of the discord server. Failure to attend will mean the driver will be unable to present their case, and a decision made without their input.

6. Behaviour Standards

(a) The iRacing in-sim radio @allteams and @drivers channels may be used for communication between competitors. Acceptable usage of these channels includes but is not limited to;

i. Organisation of positions during a caution period

ii. Communication with lapped traffic for the purposes of facilitating overtaking

iii. Warnings to other drivers of wrecks, pace car position or other information pertinent to the running of the race

iv. General communications

(b) Unacceptable usage of the channels listed in (a) include but are not limited to;

i. Excessive profanity

ii. Abuse of another competitor

iii. Abuse of the organisers

iv. Extended discussion of a prior incident

(c) Usage of the channels listed in (a) for the purposes listed in (b) will result in the offending competitor having their microphone muted for the remainder of the event.

(d) Any conduct of an unprofessional nature occurring in any session of an ANZCAR event (this includes stand-alone practice sessions will be deemed to be an offence. They will be categorised as follows;

i. Unprofessional conduct involving contact with, or significantly impeding or disadvantaging another competitor will result in disqualification from the event

ii. Unprofessional conduct not involving contact with, or significantly impeding or disadvantaging another competitor another vehicle will attract a five point penalty

iii. "Burnouts" or other reckless behaviour in any ANZCAR session will result in immediate removal from the server without warning

(e) ANZCAR may, at its sole discretion, elect to remove drivers from the league permanently who display poor character and/or engage in actions detrimental to the league

(f) ANZCAR may, at its sole discretion, elect to suspend drivers who repeatedly violate these regulations

7. Broadcasting

(a) For certain series ANZCAR may elect to engage the services of a broadcaster who may broadcast the races live on any medium or multiple media agreed with ANZCAR.

(b) The top three finishers of a race are required to make themselves available for an interview by waiting in the discord “Green Room” upon the conclusion of the race. Failure to present for an interview will attract a 5 point penalty for the first offence. Subsequent offences may attract a suspension or fine at the discretion of ANZCAR.

(c) The following driver conduct is not permitted in an interview;

i. Profanity

ii. Political statements

iii. Abuse of ANZCAR

iv. With respect to (c) it is permissible for a driver to be critical of a singular stewarding decision or fellow competitor without sanction.

8. Judges of Fact

(a) The stewards appointed by ANZCAR prior to the event will be taken to be judges of fact on all rule infringements.

9. Protests

(a) Protests must be lodged in writing and submitted to ANZCAR via the official Website contact page at using the "protest" dropdown option by 7 PM the following day of the event to which the protest relates.

(b) A written protest must contain the following at a minimum;

i. The name or competition number of the driver being protested

ii. The rule the protester believes has been broken

iii. The lap of the race the incident occurred, or in the case of the protest relating to a practice or qualifying session

iv. A description of the incident or incidents

(c) A protest may be submitted by either a driver or team owner.

10. Scoring

(a) Scoring toward a series total shall be done by the awarding of points based upon finishing position of races within the same series.

(b) ANZCAR may elect to award bonus points for various achievements within an event, eg pole position, leading a lap etcetera.

(c) Drivers disqualified from a race will lose their points accrued for the event from which they were disqualified without the scores of other drivers being affected.

(d) The driver with the most points at the conclusion of all races in the series will be named the series champion except where (h) applies.

(e) If multiple drivers finish the season with an identical number of points, the champion will be decided between these drivers by;

i. Number of wins, the highest number being the winner

ii. Number of incidents, the lowest number being the winner

iii. Number of top five finishes, the highest number being the winner

iv. Number of top ten finishes, the highest number being the winner

(f) Decisions under (e) will be subject to a hierarchy, that is if a winner is found via (i) it will not be necessary to proceed to (ii) and so on.(g) If after the completion of (e)(iv) a winner is not decided, the championship will be considered shared between those drivers unable to be separated using (e).

(h) ANZCAR may elect to run a ‘playoff’ system comprising one or more events at the end of the scheduled season. This system will be specified by ANZCAR prior to the series in question commencing.

11. Events

(a) Prior to the commencement of a series, ANZCAR will release a calendar advising competitors the dates and venues to be used during the season, as well as the intended number of laps the race (or races in the event of heat racing) will last.

(b) If for reasons of force majeure a race is unable to be completed, the following will apply;

i. In the case of a race where over 50% of the scheduled laps have been completed, full point will be awarded based on driver position at that stage of the race.

ii. In the case of a race where under 50% of the scheduled laps have been completed, the race will be a non-event and no points will be awarded.

iii. In the case where a race may be over 50% completed and ANZCAR is unable to retrieve the race positions at the point the race was ceased, ANZCAR may elect to award no points for the event.

(c) If for reasons of force majeure a race is unable to be held as scheduled

ANZCAR may elect to;

i. Cancel the race

ii. Postpone the race

12. Technical

a) ANZCAR may direct all competitors, or request an individual competitor provide their telemetry after an event for analysis. ANZCAR is responsible for advising competitors of the method of telemetry provision. Qualifying and practice files may also be requested.

b) Failure to provide a telemetry file in line with (a) will result in a disqualification from the event. ANZCAR may elect to apply further sanctions at its discretion for repeated or serious breaches.

c) Unsatisfactory telemetry data, being either incomplete or displaying irregularities, will attract a penalty commensurate with the seriousness of the offence as decided by ANZCAR.